Facility Management and Property Services with a Difference

Our philosophy is simple, we deliver the exceptional every day and question the status quo in order to make a lasting impact. We do this by not just looking at you as a client, but through your lens to ensure the solution is relevant and impactful. In addition to this we foster a culture that encourages employees to evolve.

Why we are different

Value Addition

We solve problems at the root, employing experience, expertise & technology to create long-lasting solutions for you.


We treat our people with care & keep them always ahead of the curve through training & engagement.

Depth in expertise

We have all professional & technical functions in-house. They all give their input to enrich the final output you receive.

Global standards

Our international accreditations keep us on our toes. We go beyond local to bring a global perspective to our work


We see things through your business lens & make decisions that push your agenda forward.


This is our hallmark and the very least that we will accept for ourselves.

All that we do, is with full recourse to excellence:


as an employee

in the services rendered to clients

in our environmental impact

in our social impact

Our Mission

To be the purveyors of excellence in Facility Management Services, by relentlessly adhering to best practices, critical solution-based thinking and client centricity. Constantly going above and beyond.

Our Vision

To bring excellence to, and set a new standard for the Facilities Management Services sector in Ghana and ultimately Africa as a whole. Importantly, we wish to use this as a vehicle to inspire positive change in people’s lives and society.

How we work


Determine Your Needs

we work hand-in-hand with you or your designated personnel to identify the unique needs you have for your building


Craft and Discuss Solutions

we come up with & discuss solutions to solve the challenges you have & get your approval to execute


Implement Recommended Services

we bring the solutions to life & stay at it to ensure the challenge is resolved


Constant Support

beyond implementation, we keep in constant touch to provide any support you’ll need to ensure the longevity of the service

We care about society

Our CSR & Sustainability policy is multi-pronged and consists of 3 pillars


Fides regularly undertakes projects with the community with the ultimate aim of giving back. Such projects include but are not limited to Blood Donation, Breast Cancer Awareness and Testing, Food Banks & Soup Kitchen, Mini Renovations of Community Centers.


Policies have been enacted to ensure that we are Environmentally friendly and sustainable. The hallmark of which is a Partnership with Environment 360 which sees the company segregating waste. The subscription for this service is offset against community sanitation projects

Internal resources

Junior staff internally are supported by the Fides Scholarship program. This has seen employees gain admission to Universities and also supported in developing themselves through Technical Vocational courses, Professional certifications and Diplomas.

To ensure that Corporate Citizenry remains at the forefront of our goals, it is factored into our Annual Budget as an overhead and not a factor of Profits.

Meet our Management Team

Justice Lamptey

General Manager – Operations

Justice has developed a stellar career in Facility Management, amassing over 12 years’ experience in the areas of Administration, Facilities and Logistics management. Much of this experience was gathered in Multinational and Blue chip organizations.

The academic framework of his practical prowess and skillset was garnered from obtaining a BSc undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Ghana – Legon and buttressing this with the accreditation of Facility Management Professional - FMP from the International Facility Management Association (I.F.M.A).

Within the Fides Group, Justice leads company operations as the General Manager, where he coordinates Facility and Project functions by working closely with the Facility and Project management teams to develop key initiatives, structures and milestones and to in turn working assiduously to ensure that each task is executed according to the developed frameworks.

Dinah Coleman

Client Service Manager

With 8 years’ career experience leading both internal and external clients, Dinah is the Client Service Manager at the Fides Group. Prior to joining, Dinah built her career at a Multinational organisation, gaining exposure to best practice and benchmarking internationally. 

Within the sphere of academia, Dinah gained a BSc Human Resource Management at Central University and augmented this with a Project Manager Professional (PMP) qualification from the esteemed Cambridge School of Excellence.

Using her attained skillset and constant quest for excellence, Dinah leads the company’s quest for ultimate client satisfaction, by placing the client at the epicenter of everything we are trying to achieve. This involves the developing strategy formulation and implementation and internal training of employees to align them with our endeavors.

Joseph Aggrey

Area Facility Manager

With experience totaling 14 years within Facility and Project Management, Joseph heads the Fides Groups Facility Management team. A keen advocate of sustainable processes and process improvement, Joseph exemplifies this through his work and leadership. To augment this, his mandate is to ensure that best practices are followed for maximum efficiency and best results, all within a suitable working environment. 

Josephs professional credentials are anchored by a myriad of academic achievements including  BA in Management degree from Accra Business School, a HND in Building Technology from Kumasi Technical University and a plethora of certificates in Procumbent, Construction and Operation Management.

Shane Canavan

Non - Executive Director

A staunch advocate of sound business strategy,  Shane brings to bear his immense experience by playing a pivotal role in creating alignment between corporate strategy with market dynamics. Owing to his status, Shane ensures that corporate matters are viewed from an impartial, non-bias and constructive perspective.  In addition to this, the Fides Group benefit from Shane’s commercial experience of over 10 years in advising Global Real Estate investors on appropriate capital markets solutions. As well as being a CFA charterholder, Shane holds a BSc Economics and Economic History from The London School of Economics and MBA’s from Columbia Business School and London Business School.

Liam O’Kell

Managing Director

As the founder and Managing Director, Liam’s journey with the Fides Group was born out of a desire and passion to go the extra mile and to render services that go beyond the norm, providing lasting quality and importantly, value addition. This, coupled with his innate desire to effect positive change, not only in the industry but also in people’s lives and society, provided the perfect platform for Liam to form The Fides Group.

Understanding that the company is only as good as its employees, Liam works tirelessly to try and provide an enabling environment, whilst also encouraging retrospective constructive analysis and healthy introspection of performance, with the promise to clients of learning from our shortfalls and constantly improving.

To add to this, Liam works with the team to promote alignment and support for the pledge to relentlessly adhere to the core values of the Fides Group and to deliver our services with all the zeal, passion and professionalism we can muster.

Kalysta Darko O’Kell

Director, Finance & Administration

Boasting over 12 years’ global experience in Finance with large Multinational corporations, Kalysta leads the Finance and Administration department of the Fides Group. The academic foundation for this success was BA Economics and Law from Durham University and chartering with ACCA. Having worked extensively in the areas of Audit, Financial and Management Accounting, Kalysta has built a sound reputation with resounding success in the areas of process implementation and improvement and ensuring that Financial and Accounting systems are built to the benefit of all stakeholders.  Kalysta brings all this to bear with in ensuring best practice and prudence prevails in the sphere of Finance. 

Matthew Arthur

Financial Controller

Matthew Arthur, a chartered accountant for over 20 years has amassed a wealth of experience in the area of accounting and finance.

Much of this experience was gathered in local blue chip organizations. Underpinning this experience is a BBA(Accounting Option) from the Methodist university college and fellowship from Institute of Chartered Accountants - Ghana

At Fides, Matthew is the Financial Controller overseeing all day to day financial and accounting operations of the company.